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Here’s Something Falcons fans have that Saints fans Don’t (or maybe, Do Too!)

posted by Breesus on September 23, 2010

So as many of you know, the economy took Breesus to Atlanta. Here’s something that landed on my doorstep a couple nights ago. It’s a Papa John’s coupon, just letting me know that Papa’s in the House.

Papa's in the House!

That’s sorta true. Papa IS in the house. Only, Papa isn’t Pizza. Papa is my man Drew Breezy, and the house is the Superdizzle, my nizzles.

Just look at this mega-ultra offer they’re willing to risk on the the dirty birds this week:
toppings for tuesdays

… Man. That’s a whole lot of potential toppings!

Lucky for Falcons fans that they get great deals on pizza. All Saints fans got was a Superbowl!

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