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Breesus’ Love Shared at Church

posted by stebe on December 13, 2009

True Story passed around a campfire:

My sister-in-law gave my wife and I tickets to a twin living christmas tree program at a large church in Baton Rouge which of course, took place during the Saints/Falcons game today. Being the loyal husband that I am, I dutifully attended this event but also being the loyal Saints fan that I am, I had my daughter texting game updates to me. It just so happened that everyone seated in our section of the church happened to be Saints fans so I became information central during this performance. Keep in mind, this church used almost 400 people to pull off this performance complete with actors, choir, orchestra, sound and stage attendants, etc. so it’s a big deal. Somehow, towards the end of the performance, two of the main characters managed to get the final score of today’s game into their dialog without getting out of character! The entire church erupted into applause and chants of WHO DAT!!!
And that my friends, is the honest to goodness truth!

Breesus truly is the reason for the season!

4 Responses to “Breesus’ Love Shared at Church”

  1. Holmes said...

    Were they serving alligator gumbo and fried nutria at this church?

  2. stebe said...

    No Holmes they were serving “ya momma…”

  3. Holmes said...

    Don’t make me call “Shee Kow” on you!

  4. Rob Rasner Charity Ortiz said...

    Best posting Breesus’ Love Shared at Church | Saint Breesus you have surely moved everyone thank you Oh yeah have you read Charlie Sheen breathtaking news flash? Cheers ! Rob Rasner Charity Ortiz

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