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Dear Saint Breesus

posted by Breesus on December 8, 2009

Want the Saints to win the SuperBowl this year? Then do what all Saints fans do, and write a candid letter to Saint Breesus asking him for this holiday miracle telling him about any special deed you’ve done this year to help the Saints win the Super Bowl. For this Breesus will bestow upon the Saints a SuperBowl victory of epic proportions.

Breesus is making his list and checking his twice, and he wants to find out who’s been NAUGHTY or NICE…

Breesus would like to point out one Who Dat fan who did his special deed this year:

I walked/hitchhiked 1100 miles in about two weeks, all the while getting ravaged by raccoons and other road vermin, just to make it to my first Saints game since I climbed out from under that rock a few weeks back…

The Unknown Who Dat Cheered on the Saints in Washington.

The Unknown Who Dat Cheered on the Saints in Washington.

Now what have you done?

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  1. Hopefull said...

    Hi! This is not just directed at only this post but all posts here. I surely think that people need to honor Drew Brees. He sounds like a really good, caring and religious guy. But let us not forget who our creator is and who gave Drew his ability. He honors God by praying. God and Jesus wear the CROWN I believe. Let us honor them. They are reason Drew is what he is and it sounds as if he has asked God to help him in his endeavors. Drew is only a man, but a really good one it sounds like

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