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Do You Still Believe?

posted by SaintPaco on December 19, 2009

While playing Detroit and Philly,
Saint Breesus rose above all.
The three teams from New York tried their best
but each did they fall. Miami’s Wildcat and Atlanta’s dirty birds gave valiant attempts,
and both were shot down.
This made us ask,
“Did Destiny bring Saint Breesus to town?”
Tampa and Carolina were the next laid to rest.
We embarrassed Tom Brady and the Patriots,
and then the world knew Saint Breesus was the best.
Washington couldn’t stop us with their hard-hitting “D”,
and we went to Atlanta to shoot the birds out of their tree.
The Cowboys came and went,
now it is no longer.
although an unfavorable outcome,
Saint Breesus is making New Orleans stronger.
Now I ask you,
“Do you believe?”
If so, here’s a prayer for Saint Breesus that we have retrieved.
Say it loud, proud, and with lots of noise.
And, don’t forget to scream “Bless You Boys!”

“Oh divine father in the heavens above,
please keep giving our Saints your faith and your love.
Keep them brave and injury free,
and shower us with parties after each victory.
Thank you always for keeping a watchful eye over us,
and for sending down your one and only Saint Breesus.


3 Responses to “Do You Still Believe?”

  1. Breesus said...

    This is great, Saint Paco! I believe!

  2. Disciple of Breesus said...

    I still believe!!!!

  3. Holmes said...

    I still don’t

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