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We Will be in the Final Dance

posted by SaintPaco on December 19, 2009

With a valiant attempt to save their undefeated season, the New Orleans Saints fell short Saturday night. Dallas jumped out to an early lead, scoring 14 points on two straight possessions. Even though the Cowboys came out blazing with 14 points on their first two possessions, Saint Breesus and the boys kept fighting. After a great defensive stand, the Saints got on the scoreboard with a Garrett Harley field goal. Led by a Will Smith sack, our defense made some great plays against Romo and the Cowboys.

In the second half, with Dallas winning 24-3, Saint Breesus lead his chosen ones down the field for a score. On the next possession, the Saints defense stepped up big time, forcing Dallas to go three and out. That gave Saint Breesus the opportunity to drive the offense down the field for another touchdown. And although the Saints fell short in the end, we give Saint Breesus and the chosen ones props for a courageous fourth quarter effort.

YOU MUST BELIEVE!!! One loss does one put a damper on our season. This will ultimately make our team and city stronger believers. When faced with adversity Saint Breesus always finishes on top. He was sent down to New Orleans for a few reasons. One was to bring back the faith in the New Orleans Saints organization; two was to make the New Orleans community stronger. The third and most important reason was that Saint Breesus was sent to get his chosen ones to the ultimate dance in Miami on February 7th. For those of you with any doubts, Saint Breesus asks you to refer to Ecclasiastas 3:4, which says, “there is a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.” The New Orleans Saints will go marching in that final dance on Superbowl Sunday.

2 Responses to “We Will be in the Final Dance”

  1. stebe said...

    True Dat St. Paco..nice Footloose reference

  2. Holmes said...

    Is Saint Paco the gay saint?

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