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posted by stebe on November 30, 2009

When times are tough and things just aren’t going your way, and you don’t know what to do next to get you out of the dumps.  Just ask yourself WWBD: What Would Breesus Do?  And don’t forget the Prayer to St. Breesus:

Our Breesus, who art in Uptown,
Hallowed by thy name.
Thy ring will come,
Thy will be done,
On FieldTurf as it is on grass.
Give us this day a 40 point victory,
And forgive us for our “Who Dats!”,
As you march down the field.
And lead us not into 3rd and Long,
And deliver us from defeat.


5 Responses to “WWBD?”

  1. whatwouldbreesusdo.com said...

    Amen! – now get the t-shirt

  2. Breesus said...

    Anagrammatically speaking, those are some pretty fun shirts. So to answer your question, here’s what I would do:

    I’d put on my Breesus flip flops and my WWBD shirt, then I’d head over to the Rite Aid at the corner of Broadway and St Charles, and pick me up some cold Abitas ‘cuz you know Breesus likes the beer…

    Then I’d hop on the streetcar and ride it downtown to watch the Saints beat up on someone in the dome.

    There you have it, folks… That’s WBWD.

  3. Breesus Angel said...

    WWBD if he had to carry 6 beers, throw a touchdown, and help a kid across the street?

  4. Breesus said...

    My child, I would no doubt have to rely on reinforced heavy-duty party-armor:


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